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is the First Bee City in Canada!

Toronto has one of the most diverse pollinator populations in Canada.

In keeping with its efforts to help protect pollinators, City Council has approved Toronto’s participation in the Bee City program. As the first Canadian affiliate of Bee City, Toronto will help raise the profile of the pollinator protection movement in Canada.

Our Initiatives include,

  • Establishment of pollinator friendly habitat across the city, which engage local communities and provide educational opportunities through interpretive signage, community planting events, and tours.
  • Habitat restoration through our Community Stewardship program which engages community volunteers in planting native species and the ongoing maintenance and management of the watersheds across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Offering ongoing Children’s Eco Programs in High Park which educate and engage children through environmental, nature, nutrition and garden programming, which includes pollinators.
  • The Horticulture School of Excellence that provides ongoing staff training in pollinator friendly planting and ways to increase native plantings in City parks.
  • Public education and promotion of native plantings on private land through the outreach efforts of Live Green Toronto and natural garden inspections conducted by Parks, Forestry and Recreation.
  • Recognizing the contribution of citizens who demonstrate environmentally responsible gardening practices through our City of Toronto Garden awards program.
  • Supporting and recognizing pollinator gardens that provide educational opportunities through school programming and that serve as demonstration gardens for their communities through our Live Green grants program.

Pollinator Week

Toronto BUZZ

Pollinator Week 2017

Help us celebrate pollinators and everything they do for us during Pollinator Week, June 19-25, 2017.   National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect...

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National Pollinator Week Celebration!

Toronto is home to over 300 species of bees and hundreds of non-bee pollinator species and that's something to celebrate! On June 23rd 2016 during National Pollinator Week, we unveiled Toronto's newest StART mural, created by artist Nick Sweetman.This mural, on the...

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Bees in Toronto

Most people recognize the European Honey Bee (species Apis mellifera), a species brought to North America hundreds of years ago and now managed as pollinators and honey-producers. It's less well known that native bees do a lot of the pollinating work in urban gardens...

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